Brian Urlacher will play forever


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Brian Urlacher at the young age of 34, coming off a pretty serious knee injury in week 17 against the Vikings last season is eyeing training camp as his return to football. Urlacher, who is in the final year of his deal, as reported wants to be re-signed by the Bears, but is interested in testing the waters of free agency. Urlacher believes his knee, and body can hold up for 2-3 more seasons in the NFL.

The Bears still have some concerns, and it’s apparent by not negotiating a deal with the veteran. This year for Urlacher is his evaluation year with the Bears. If he can play at the level he’s been playing at the last couple years, after the wrist injury he suffered in 2009 he can be of definite use to a team. The last two seasons, even in his early 30’s, he’s been one of, if not the most productive linebacker in football. As Briggs has done, he’s proven his worth every year and there should be no reason to think he doesn’t have two more years of football left in him. He’s been through the rigors in 11 seasons of football, and he’s battled back through injuries to constantly stay at the level of play we are accustomed to seeing from Urlacher.

Now this raises the (serious) question: will Brian Urlacher be able to play in the NFL forever? Right when you count this guy out, he comes back and picks off Aaron Rodgers. When he looks down and out, Urlacher stuffs the run in the A-gap. Everything is going right for Urlacher, as reported he’s dating the former playmate of the year Jenny McCarthy. He’s also been mentioned in a lot of Hall of Fame discussions these past few weeks. So why can’t Brian play forever? Bears fans hope and pray that Urlacher could actually bend the laws of time and space to play pro-bowl football forever, and for the Bears. So what am I getting at? Urlacher probably can’t play forever, but if he thinks he can play 2-3 more seasons there should be no reason to go against that opinion.



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