Forte talks upgraded to “extremely close”


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According to NFL Networks Michael Lombardi the talks between the Bears and Matt Forte have been upgraded to “extremely close” as Forte has spent a great deal of time talking with the Bears front office this weekend trying to make it happen. Yesterday the talks were at “optimistic ” but have now been upgraded to extremely close, which means a deal should be done in the coming days before the July 16th deadline.

Many conflicting reports were out yesterday, as ESPN’s John Clayton said the two sides weren’t close and that Forte would likely be holding out through training camp. Clayton has yet to comment on the current reports leading me to believe that his statements were in all likelihood false. Forte is one of 14 NFL players that have yet to negotiate a long term deal or sign the franchise tender. With Tyvon Branch, and Drew Brees getting deals this week it was fitting that Forte talks would come to a close as well. Other names that are in talks start with Cliff Avril who is not as optimistic about getting a deal done, and Ray Rice who is patiently working towards a deal.

Once again, at this time no numbers have been reported, and I’m not going to speculate. As more news comes out check here for updates.

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