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Jay Cutler is Back Under Center 

Jay Cutler has been cleared to play next Monday against the Minnesota Vikings. Cutler injured his thumb in week two against the Eagles and the Bears have been going with Brian Hoyer ever since. The news comes after Hoyer was diagnosed with an arm injury that will keep him out 6-8 weeks. He’ll most likely […]


State of the NFL: Defenses More Talented than Offenses

Football is great even when it’s not. After a Sunday of just awful, goofy football league-wide, I can say that with certainty.  The NFL has become a joke to most people. The level of play is at maybe an all-time low. The league is still dealing with shady domestic violence procedures, and they can’t seem […]


The Roundup (10/23): Cubs Reach The World Series

It’s been a while since I fired up the ol’ typewriter and did some sports writing.  I tried to get out, but the game pulled me back in. I couldn’t think of another cliche so what I’ll tell you is I’m back (and hopefully for good). The sports world over the past year has been […]


Dowell Loggains Will Help Bears Offense Evolve in 2016

Adam Gase is no longer a member of the Chicago Bears coaching staff. Gase took the heading coaching job with the Miami Dolphins a year after taking the offensive coordinator spot in Chicago. Many believe this will be the Bears ultimate downfall in 2016, with Dowell Loggains taking control of the offense, but Loggains was […]


Jay Cutler’s Contract Was Worth Market-Value

Andrew Luck signed an absolutely ridiculous contract this morning to make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. Kirk Cousins is getting paid $20 million dollars next season. Joe Flacco is the second highest paid quarterback now behind only Luck. Jay Cutler is now making a modest $17 million next season. What […]


Cutler and Rodgers Share Career Misconceptions

Aaron Rodgers is a legend in the National Football League. He has almost every accolade a player can obtain in a career. He’s respected by all his peers, fans, and observers of the game. The only problem with him is that he’s a cocky, pompous, ass hole. For the same reason people can’t stand Jay […]


Are the Bears Most Improved Team in the NFC North?

The NFL off season is basically over at this point of the summer. The rest of the summer will be veteran signings, signing deadlines, and cuts. Even all the rookies are under contract and it looks like no players will be holding out into training camp. So the question needs to be asked, what teams […]