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Bears Find Another Way to Lose, Packers Win 30-27.

The John Fox era has been categorized by many different things, but none are more apparent than his late game mismanagement. It’s been the story all season. Close at halftime, terrible third quarter, followed up by a rally that gets squashed by poor coaching in the fourth quarter. It’s a trend. The Bears lost to […]

Leonard Floyd Worthy of Defensive Rookie of the Year

Leonard Floyd has had a spectacular rookie season for the Chicago Bears. The player Ryan Pace moved up to get looks better than good. He looks great early on. His speed is on par with some of the elite pass-rushers in the league and he adds to his game almost every weekend. If you’ve read […]

Packers Week, Record Lows at Soldier Field, and Game Notes

It’s Green Bay Packers week! Not particularly my favorite week at the moment, considering the Bears dreadful record against the Packers since 2009. It’s been a bloodbath. Now adding salt to the already tender wound, Packers will have a chance to time the all-time record (94-93 BEARS). Matt Barkley will have to be the saving […]

Matt Barkley Earning Consideration for Bears Starting Spot

In the NFL, one opportunity could jumpstart a players career. We’ve seen it time and time again, especially at the quarterback position. Matt Barkley might be next in line to do so. The Bears might have found their next starter in Matt Barkley and that could significantly alter the Bears offseason plans if he continues […]

Lions Voodo Magic Carries them to 20-17 Win over Bears

The Bears find a way to lose a game in the fourth quarter. The Lions find a way to win in the fourth quarter. That’s been the story for both teams all season and it was no different for either side Sunday at Ford field. The Lions improved on their already ludicrous NFL record of […]

Week 14 NFL Picks: Winter Football Fun Times 

The playoff scenarios and must-win games are piling up every week. I went 11-4 last week! Raiders at Chiefs (-3 KC): 28-24 Raiders What a great matchup to start week 14. Chiefs ended up winning 21-13 and moved to first place in the AFC west. The play of Alex Smith carried this team with another […]

 Sosa’s Steam Room Ep. 25: Otani Watch

The 25th episode of Sosa’s Steam Room is available here for download. Check us out on Spreaker In this week’s episode, we talk about the Bears win over the 49ers, Rondo’s meltdown, MLB hot stove, the Blackhawks injury problems, and SHOHEI OTANI. Follow on twitter @SoldierfieldBlg Like the Facebook page (like the SFB Facebook page too) Check out […]